Tumblr has become little more than a perpetual distraction machine to me. I’ve remained largely because of a select group of individuals with whom I interacted, but those connections for the most part are now maintained elsewhere. Whereas I once got a lot of fulfilment out of tumblr and discovered all kinds of new and wonderful things through tumblr, now I just find myself scrolling idly through the same fantasy film gifsets, butthurt tangents of all political inclinations, cute animals and seminude alt models. I’ve wasted too much time on here and I need to focus on more important things.

I think deactivating my blog would be a bit dramatic but I don’t plan on maintaining this blog any longer. Maybe something will pop up now and then (or maybe I’ll need an excuse to procrastinate and start posting again in a week). However, should my plan to cease posting succeed, anyone who is interested in maintaining contact with me elsewhere is encouraged to do so. Send me a message or whatever.



  1. glitchinthematrixx said: 😐
  2. sabbatnoir said: YES ♥
  3. sultr said: :( bye
  4. beelzebuttz said: see you on facebutt, friend
  5. stain-the-runes said: Exactly what I did, cut it down to the only people that I actually pay attention to. Now I scroll through tumblr in less than 5 mins, rather than 2 hours.
  6. hostmorke said: I’ll continue to harass you on Instagram
  7. slapfight said: k bye
  8. thegirlwhokissedtheshadow said: you better still send me lovely messages
  9. whiskey-mystic said: farethee well darci
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