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From Mark’s goodbye party!

All my favourite people.

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I just keep looking at pickup trucks and greasy vans and motorcycles on craigslist, it’s becoming an unhealthy habit.

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❝ I think there’s going to be a bittersweet ending. I’ve always taken my influence from J.R.R. Tolkien and if you’ve read Lord of the Rings, Sauron is defeated and the ring is destroyed in the end but it’s not a happy, happy ending. There’s a real sense of things lost too, and I found that very powerful, and very moving. So I think my ending will also have a bittersweet tone, I hope, if I can bring that off the way I want. ❞

George R.R. Martin, discussing the ending of ASOIAF (via joannalannister)

One of the things I try to point out when people talk about how “black and white/happily ever after” LOTR is. The story of Middle-Earth is one of constant, inevitable decline. The principles of good might occasionally win the day, but the world is forever tainted, as are its people.

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zoubaneh said: Well I hope you get to one day! (At a safe, safe distance). Sorry if you lost interest in the things but I’ve always associated you with grizzly bears. I’m hoping to see a black bear in the near future.

I’d love to see a grizzly, they’re still one of my favourite animals (and yes, most people do associate them with me). Just not very likely where I am. The only time I saw a bear in the wild, it was a black bear on the side of Grouse Mountain, 15 years ago or so I think? I don’t get out enough.

zoubaneh said: Have you seen any grizzly's yet?

No, I don’t get outside of Victoria very much at all. I don’t think grizzlies range this far south, or at least this close to the city, though it wouldn’t surprise me to run into a black bear. I mostly just see deer, and farm animals because there are farms everywhere.

[does some reading]

It looks like grizzlies only recently started dwelling on Vancouver Island, or at least were only recently discovered here. Black bears do live around here though in considerable numbers.


"The Ferns Where Our Bed"Portland, Org 2014Corwin Prescott - Apnea - See the entire set on Zivity


"The Ferns Where Our Bed"
Portland, Org 2014

Corwin Prescott - Apnea - See the entire set on Zivity